Honey, Nuts, Vinegar, Garlic Cure All

Honey and vinegar

one time in America written numerous books about almost miraculous activity of apple cider vinegar to the physical and mental state of people. There is a long while in use, and obtained from wrought apples are left to ferment in wooden barrels, because the wood enhances the natural fermentation. The optimal dose of apple cider vinegar to be taken during the day is a solution two tablespoons of vinegar in two dl lukewarm, previously boiled water, with the addition of two tablespoons of honey. Take two to three times a day before meals.


This elixir helps with diseases of the throat, messy digestion, poor circulation and metabolism in the body . It is recommended with heart disease, kidney and blood vessels . According to some sources, the solution is well proven in the treatment of nocturnal enuresis in children. It has been proven that this obtained delicious juice lowers blood pressure and it is a great ally in preserving lean lines . The nation is recommended with strong hay fever and taking it before breakfast and before bedtime. It has long been known to be among the most soporific and that reinforces the dream. If someone at night he can not sleep or has a light sleep and not waking up after it closed his eyes he must use between. If one tablespoon of honey in the evening is not enough for sound sleep, folk medicine recommends the following recipe: In a smaller glass of honey to add three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Half an hour after that dream will come. In the case of greater anxiety or insomnia harder it is necessary to take two teaspoons of this mixture. Repeat in the case of waking up during the night. This means it is better than the best of the pharmaceutical composition tranquilizer, because no adverse consequences.

A team of US doctors, led by Dr. Paul Braga from California, wrote a number of recommendations with tips and recipes to use apple cider vinegar and honey. One of them is a prescription anti-thin : thin people are missing environmental chemicals “enzymes” and therefore can not seize food intake a. They should take the solution of two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon full of honey in a glass of water.

Honey and Walnuts

Walnut is a plant whose parts all have high biological properties. It is unique and the best representative of the plant world. He has always been, and in many countries of the world known as an excellent healing agent. And only in combination with honey, is a remarkable natural remedy whose healing powers can not compare it with the most powerful pharmacological preparations, because of their combination provides our body all the necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and more.

When anemia – Prepare a mixture of one pound of clover honey, a pound of ground walnuts and one lemon. Everything is well mixed and collected every three to four hours. The mixture is very good for the recovery of anemic and exhausted people.

For the treatment of hypertension and iron deficiency – anemia, be taken daily 100 grams of nuts with the same amount of honey, at least 45 days. Honey and nuts are very effective and ischemia of the heart.

Tablespoon of honey with three to four walnuts not only a remarkable delicacy, but also a tool againstĀ headaches, insomnia, sclerosis . The same dose is sufficient to protect against increased radiation, said the famous American doctor D. Gale.

Against impotence helps always been a tried recipe: ground walnut mixed with honey in the same proportion. They take two tablespoons twice or three times a day, half an hour after meals. In order to achieve the desired effects of the therapy should last at least 20 to 30 days. Healing ulcers passes quickly and effectively if half an hour before meals take five to six tablespoons a day walnut milk, which will be prepared in the following manner: 20 grams of ground walnuts Pour 100 grams of warm boiled water, shake well, strain and add two tablespoons of honey .

Among the garlic

following recipe renewed strength of the body and is very good against asthma and difficulty breathing : a kilo of clover honey, juice of ten lemons and juice of ten cloves of garlic stir well and let it sit for a week in a sealed jar. Drink once a day four teaspoons letting the juice is slowly leaking through the throat. It needs to drink regularly for a period of two months to achieve the desired effect. The flu, it is known folk remedy of honey and garlic: garlic mashed cleaned (do porridge) and to mix with linden honey (preferably) in relation 1: 1. Take one tablespoon dissolved in warm water before going to bed.Maybe you’re on some recipes just reminded, and perhaps you are for some and for the first time heard.It does not matter. It is important not hestitate in their preparation.