Here’s What You Need To Consume In Order To Cure Diabetes Without Medication


Once the boy was diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension four years ago. Therefore, by taking a pill for hypertension and insulin resistance, it was necessary. He successfully overcame pills and insulin by eating only raw fruits and vegetables!

He did not expect that he would be placed before this diagnosis is 4 years. Often he was thirsty. And when he visited his doctor was shocked to find. His sugar was 29, and was told that he was not the pancreas does not work and must take insulin, if you want to live.

He decided to live with diabetes. It accepted hesitantly, but still taking insulin regularly and was active. But as time passed, it was becoming more and more health problems. His triglycerides were raised to 16 and his blood pressure was approximately 150/100.He began to take more and more pills …

Then made the decision to begin a new chapter of your life.The young man decided to immediately take some steps he bought a new blender and started a new diet.

He had a lot of difficulty in the first week, but he struggled with and overcame them. Very quickly scored the first positive results.His blood sugar was, he was about 5. It was incredible. He decided to reject insulin and continued with his diet. He thought that, if his blood sugar levels increase suddenly, they’ll take your dose of insulin. But he had no health problems and even began to lose weight, which was great! Daily he lost a kilo. In 25 days, lost 11 kg. Four months later, after having made a decision to start with raw food regime, he was a new man. It is no longer used insulin and his blood pressure was 120/60, as in babies. Triglycerides were his 1.4 and weighed 20 kilos less. More does not use any tablets.

The recipe for his favorite juice
A handful of kale 5 kiwis 2 bananas 2 apples Half a liter of water wasting half a liter of juice in the morning and kept the rest for the day. In addition, you need to eat fruit, fruit salad or tuna (rich in vitamin B12, which is necessary for our body), when you feel hungry. You never have to feel hungry, because your brain never knows whether the stomach is empty or not. He receives this information from the blood, and the blood contains all you need for your body.

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