Healthy Diet: 7 Simple Steps Balanced Diet


For individuals, the renunciation of all these violent and delicious pasta and transfer to a salad, lightly falling. For others, light and pure diet requires the entire process of planning and good thinking. To be honest, it’s all a matter of will. On this occasion, we offer a few suggestions that will help you during the ‘purification’ of your diet, and assist you in choosing the best foods, proteins, and other healthy trifle to reduce fat.

Well, let’s start!

Get rid of refined sugars and grains
This is a great way to start. Also, get rid of all cereals containing added sugar, as well as all those quick morning chocolate bars that replace a meal, and everything is based on white flour. Panic, right? No need. The point is that your body has to work harder to digest based products, white flour, which themselves consuming and many key nutrients, including fiber. Instead, go to grains rich in fiber, or try to replace them with vegetables, which often serves as a substitute for products. For example; If you love pasta, this is a substitute for potatoes or rice.

Oil – beware!
Using the wrong oil during this preparation of your meal is the easiest way to mess it up. Stay away from oil-based seeds. And I do not think that we have forgotten and alternative products such as margarine – high cholesterol. So … What are you waiting for? Get rid of him.

The best and healthiest way, if you must use oil, is to choose natural oils such as olive or coconut. They contain nutrients monounsaturated fats and omega-3s.

Clean out your body
If you are not willing to devote some of the detail of products for the purification of the body … just before every meal, take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and mix it with water, then, drink. This is a great way to stimulate digestion. Also, this is a substitute for lemon (no sugar!). But you can also use freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice each morning. And what is very important – step away from drinks that contain sugars (carbonated soft drinks and shopping), and stay away from alcohol (average cocktail contains 200+ kcal).Vegetables and spices
Replacement pizza with white chicken, grilled meat is a step in the right direction, but not in the long run. A better alternative is to rely on the pure protein, green vegetables, whole grain products that are far tastier and healthier. In addition, many plants and spices have detoxifying properties and helps digestion. For example, rosemary stimulates the liver (detoxification center of your body) and helps in the release of toxins. Council plus: your choice of regular spices and add the parsley, ginger, turmeric, garlic and curry!Bitter and green
We all know how the lettuce nutritious, and it is logical to collect all ‘nutritional attention,’ but … Not bad turn and greens that bitter taste in your diet. Foods such as arugula, mustard, beans or dandelion – are just some of the products that perform natural detoxification of the liver (the body responsible for the regulation of fat and cholesterol, as well as hormone balancing). Bitterly food is the one that triggers your sense of taste, which stimulates the production of enzymes for assistance with (proper) digestion and absorption of nutrients. Also, this type of food is high in fiber and helps the body digest fats better.Pack a lunch and bring your own
How many times have you happened to eat anything, because it is easier? This time, try to change it, so what will you take your pre-prepared lunch to work. Do not be lazy. Save what you need the night before, and in larger quantities, you have a couple of days. It is important to bring healthy fats and proteins during lunch. It does not hurt to have and which fish in cans (tuna or wild salmon), in case you do not have time to make a salad. In combination with cucumber or zucchini slices can be an ideal meal.

Man’s diet is not perfect. Also, it all depends on how an organism which reacts. However, there are always these ‘gaps’ between meals when they eat something. Or, at a time when we do not have time to do / eat a normal meal. You can always use the nuts (just pay attention to the amount) or, generally, fresh fruit. health, and saturated.