Ginseng And Its Numerous Medicinal Properties


Ginseng root which heals all.
This medicinal plant is widespread in the eastern and central parts of Asia where it is called miraculous root.Positive effects of these herbs are numerous. Ginseng is a traditional psychophysical tonic and stimulant. It is used as a means to increase the body’s resistance to a variety of stressful situations and diseases. The use of ginseng delays the onset of fatigue and improves physical abilities.

Ginseng successfully normalize body functions disturbed due to stress. It is important to emphasize that stimulates the reproductive system and circulation in men and thus eliminates male impotence.

Siberian and Indian ginseng have additional features. So Siberian ginseng stimulates the immune function of the organism.That is why it is recommended as a preventative against colds and flu. Recent scientific studies suggest that Siberian ginseng positive effect when it comes to long-term treatment of the severe forms of the disease of the immune system, such as: a variety of autoimmune diseases, lupus, HIV infection, chronic fatigue syndrome.

Indian ginseng, is an excellent remedy for stress, calms but gives the body energy, as opposed to sedative which lulls, purifying the body and it is good to take it in combination with ginger for better digestion.

Ginseng is recommended:
– Athletes and people who perform hard labor
– Patients suffering from bronchitis, asthma, arthritis, various inflammation and candida
– After radiation and chemotherapy
– Anemic people and those with poor blood circulation
– Individuals with impaired digestion and poor circulation
– To ease PMS symptoms
– Men during andropause and women during menopause
– Insomnia, depression, chronic fatigue
– For the general vitality, cleansing and detoxification of the body

Medicinal properties
Ginseng effectively leaflets, among other things, impotence and disorders of blood pressure (in a special way: lowering pressure for people suffering from high blood pressure, and increases for those who have problems with low pressure). Also, ginseng has a beneficial effect on anemia, inflammatory joint diseases, digestive disorders, eliminates insomnia, fatigue and circulatory disturbances and prevent hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels).In addition, the influence of the internal secretion glands (endocrine glands), ginseng is especially helpful in full utilization of vitamins and minerals in the body. Without vitamins and minerals the body can process and convert the energy of sugar and fat, and protein in the necessary building blocks. Taking ginseng can benefit everyone, regardless of age and gender, it is useful for the treatment of diseases and as a preventive measure.

Method of preparation
1-2 grams of dry root consume each day brewed as a tea or soup. Add the pieces of dried ginseng root in a cup of boiling water and let stand 4-5 minutes (depending on how you want the tea to be “strong”). Pieces of root can take advantage of 2-3 times for this kind of tea, and then you can eat.

Ginseng can add during the preparation of other teas.

It is necessary to draw attention to one characteristic of ginseng: low doses increase, while high doses lower blood pressure! It is important that sufficient and effective form of ginseng extract in the form of tablets or capsules, but the most effective is in the form of tincture – extract. Preparations ginseng generally are taken on an empty stomach, with a lot of fluids, because only then can fully manifest its healing properties.