Get Rid Of Sick Sinus Secretions Full And Free Up Congestion In Minutes

Believe it or not, once you read this article you will be able to free up your sinuses of boring secretions that constantly runny nose during a cold and a long time after it …


We assure you that you already have everything you need for this procedure, because it is not just about your language and thumb, and about 20 minutes of your time! Stuffy nose

The most common health problem in the sinus infection or cold is nasal congestion, which occurs as a symptom. However, these health problems can occur due to various factors, may occur due to allergies, hay fever, or as a result of sinusitis or nasal polyps.

Irritants, bacteria or viruses cause irritation of mucous membranes in the sinus cavities, but your nose is constantly leaking and constantly clogged up, causing difficulty in breathing. Although nasal obstruction usually do not last more than a week, very uncomfortable. In this article we will explain how to easily release the sinuses and resolve breathing difficulties in the blink of an eye.


Set top languages on the furthest accessible point palate inside the mouth and gently push on upwards. Then, place your thumb between the eyebrows and really push for 20 seconds, pause for 20 seconds. After you repeat this process several times will encourage the sinuses to start the drip.


According to the explanation of Dr. Lisa Destefano with the Medical University of osteopathy in Michigan, this technique causes pressure on the share, the bone that extends through the nose. Pressing and rubbing raoni─Źne bone loosens the blockage, allowing the release of sinus secretions.