Get Rid Of Kidney Stones By Preparing This Simple Drink!


Kidney stones is a very common disease, but fortunately there are ways that you can rid of this embarrassing problem.

Symptoms that may indicate kidney stones are sudden pain in the lower back. The stone can block the ureters and then comes to a high temperature and difficulty painful urination.

Prepare this potion and get rid of kidney stones:

Take a few dried figs and cut them into small pieces. Immerse them in a glass of freshly made lemonade and leave to stand overnight. In the morning they pour boiling water (1 dl) and so prepared beverage to drink on an empty stomach.

After seven to ten days, your urine should become dark in color. This is a sure sign that the stone began to melt, the urine is dark in color because it contains traces of mud.

Also, if you suffer from this disease, avoid sugar to calm work of the pancreas, and consume more foods rich in magnesium, such as bananas, tofu, soy and rice.