Fruit That Relieves Anxiety

The healing nature:Passion fruit is a known aphrodisiac in South America. Tea made from dried leaves markise beneficial effect on insomnia and epilepsy, and is recommended as a painkiller.

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For passion fruit (Passiflora edulis) Americans and British say that the passion fruit. The Latin for “passion fruit” in Colombia golupa, while in Indonesia markisa … Every country in which it is grown gave her own name. This fruit refreshing taste and special aroma, commonly used for the preparation of juices and desserts. Perfectly complements the refreshing fruit salads and ice cream.

Informed say it was amazing aphrodisiac, but it helps with insomnia, nervousness and stress. The extraordinary healing properties of passion fruit stood out even the South American Indians, and today is the most represented in the Brazilian folk medicine.

Passion fruit, otherwise, comes from South America, now grown more than 400 species in all parts of the world where there is no frost. Size is reminiscent of kiwi, has round or oval shape and golden yellow, green, red or purple bark. The most popular gold and purple varieties. While the former has a smooth and shiny crust and can grow to the size of a grapefruit, the other is soft and shriveled, small lemon, but it is sweeter and tastier.

During the meal, the fruit of passion fruit is usually cut into half, and mature content removed spoon. This exotic juicy fruit contains numerous seeds that are also edible. It is rich in vitamin C, which destroys harmful free radicals and slows aging. In the enviable quantities contains important minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium. To make the fruit was sweeter, you should rest for a few days in order to increase the concentration of sugar. It is especially tasty in combination with lemon juice and mineral water. Regular consumption of this fruit stimulates digestion.

Passion fruit also has antidepressant properties, and French doctors recommend it to people who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.Helps with anxiety, nervousness, high blood pressure.

The dried leaves are used passion fruit tea that restores peace of mind and has analgesic effect. In order to suppress the jitters and eliminate insomnia, it is preferred that a cup of tea drink sleep stored in the conventional manner. If the situation is drastic, this soothing drink should be taken several times a day.

Because of its specific composition, medicinal properties and fragrance of passion fruit are produced by various shampoo to strengthen hair and cream for face and body.

Invigorating Juice
For the preparation of the juice is required: 5 to 6 of mature passion fruit and water. From severed fruit spoon remove the middle with seeds, place in a blender, add water and mix until the seeds begin to separate, but be careful not to grind in its entirety. Content then strain through cheesecloth to retain seeds. If you want the juice, add more water, sugar and lemon juice.

This is extremely healing potion is especially recommended for nervous people, and those who have constipation, increased acid and high blood pressure. Passion fruit juice stimulates the circulation and has a beneficial effect in the case of heart disease and cancer.