FOR YOU DID NOT KNOW THIS: Here’s A Piece of Watermelon A Day Makes Your Body


No flight without watermelon! Refreshing and sweet, but also – very healthy! AdTech Ad

Watermelon – unjustly neglected fruit of the magical effect of.

Many natural jse know that watermelon is one of the vegetables, but it can be very sweet and it easily into the body enter a large amount of liquid.

No, watermelon can do much more!

1. Beautiful skin
Thanks to high doses of vitamins A and C, the skin remains healthy and will protect you from harmful UV rays.

2. Beautiful hair
Skin will not only benefit from this fruit!
The hair will be thicker and will decline to a lesser extent.

3. Improves Heart Health
Watermelon is full of citrulline, an amino acid.
The body converts to arginine and relaxes blood vessels. This improves the flow of blood.

4. Supports kidney function
Watermelon delivers plenty of fluids to the kidneys and bladder – which is important for the removal of toxins and waste products.

5. Improves vision
Are rich in beta-carotene, which is good for the eyesight.

6. Improves Bone Health
“Jake bones come from milk,” they told our parents. However, for healthy bones and watermelon. Like the tomato, and watermelon contain lycopene, which reduces the development of osteoporosis, a high concentration of calcium keeps bones and joints.

7. Lowers Blood Pressure
High blood pressure leads to an increased risk of stroke or heart attack. Consuming watermelon this can be prevented. This is due to the amino acid citrulline, which is found in large quantities in watermelon and which relaxes blood vessels and improves circulation.

8. Good for the muscles
Watermelons improves muscle recovery after training. Again, the fact that citrulline, which, in addition to blood vessels, relaxes the muscles.

9. It prevents prostate cancer
Not only will a male potency to grow, thanks to the sweet melons, but you will do something about preventing prostate cancer. Even with an infection of the prostate or bladder, eat watermelon and inflammation will quickly pass.