Five Gallons Of Toxic Water Out Of Her For Only Three Days (RECIPE)

Water retention in the body can be of different samples, especially when it comes to women and their cycle, so feel overblown.

You can be the main culprits and the like, to the sugar or some vitamins, and even fast food.

The worst is that with the help of water cast out toxins and poisons from the body, but if the water reserves, retained and these poisons.

But, parsley can help you clean your body, get rid of toxins, excess water and thus bloating, believe me, you will not have a problem to button your pants.

Along the way you will be cured of urinary problems, as well as kidney disease and do not forget that strong diruetik.

In 1 l go 5 tablespoons chopped parsley.

Tea drink in small sips throughout the day, the next day another tour and make the 3 consecutive days are using, you will see the effect after the first day.