EXCELLENT TRICK: How To Eat 30% Less Food, And Never Be Hungry

Only need to do one simple thing and Jesco third less. Of course, you will quickly take off weight


The easiest way is to say that you need willpower to eat less, but we all know that it is not so easy. However, this trick could help to reduce food intake, and thus lose weight without much effort.

If you do it often happens that after a meal you need to discreetly unbuttoned button on his pants, because you overestimate too much to eat, this trick could help you to eat less.

This useful advice shared, Brandon Ngven, founder of the blog about healthy living “chillpill”

– A simple solution to a slower and less is to eat cutlery use less skillful hand – advises Brandon.

So if you’re right-handed, try eating with your left hand, and vice versa.


– You may be beginning to be too much to do it for every meal, but when you start with dinner, because we are then most likely to overeat – says the blogger.

Why is this trick efficient?

– The reason for this is that you will also need more time to eat, so the brain will receive a signal that the stomach is full before you overeat.

In other words, Jesco slowly, eating food hand that you are not dominant, you will give yourself time to think about food, rather than simply “cram” in themselves.


Psychotherapist, Susan Hepburn, who is also a specialist in healthy eating and weight loss, agrees with this advice.

– Studies have shown that eating foods that are not dominant hand can be 30 percent to reduce the amount of food we eat. In this way disrupt the usual patterns of the way otherwise we eat – she says.

– Not only do we inconvenient to eat the hand that we are not dominating, but we mention this fact to think that you’re hungry. If the answer is “no”, stop eating – says specialist.