Drink In The Morning On An Empty Stomach! Prevents Cancer.


There are numerous medications for various health problems and diseases in nature, you just have to give them a chance and try to cure even cancer.

All you into our body affects the whole health. Therefore it is extremely important to know the difference between alkaline and acidic foods, because these are the types of food that affect the body and its work.
The acid in the body leads to a number of diseases, especially cancer, because it is a disease that can grow and develop only in an acidic environment. In contrast, alkaline foods means a good balance and better health.

This is why it is alkaline food the best way to protect ourselves from this type of disease.
Toxic food is very harmful as it disturbs the pH balance in your body and increases the risk of cancer and causes many diseases. By changing the pH balance in your body, the greater the chance of getting cancer.
There is evidence that cancer cells can not live in an alkaline environment!

You should completely avoid foods that contain lots of sugar, and exclude them from your diet, because this kind of food can be a cause of cancer. Specifically, cancer cells thrive sugar.

In contrast, only need to consume a diet that improves your health in general and prevents the development of cancer and other chronic diseases.These foods are vegetables, fruits and cereals.

One of the ways that you can boost your health and eliminate cancer fastest is to consume juice made from vegetables. You will get best results if you take this drink in the morning before breakfast on an empty stomach. If you already have cancer, you should consume this juice three times daily before meals on an empty stomach .

This juice has amazing effects, and very easy to prepare:

– Half a glass of water
– Juice of one lemon
– Lots of spinach
– Three leaves kale

Mix all the ingredients using a blender and make a uniform mixture. They should be consumed immediately after its preparation. This is the elixir of health, so enjoy!