Domestic Lotion Cucumber. An Ideal Recipe For Oily And Problematic Facial Skin!


Nature has given us all that every day we stay healthy and beautiful, we just need to learn to use her gifts.


Domestic lotion Cucumber is a lifeline for oily skin, because effectively deal with increased sebum and is carefully dried.

This lotion moisturizes and tones the excellent, food, reduces inflammation, reduces pores and improves skin tone. The perfect match for those who are tired of black spots and pimples on the face.

To prepare the lotion will be required:

– Fresh cucumbers
– 72% alcohol (or homemade brandy).

It is best to use homemade pickles, where during breeding are not used chemical fertilizers.

It should take 1-2 cucumber, washed, finely chop together with bark or shredded on large grater.


Put in glass bottles and pour alcohol (brandy). The proportion of 1: 1. So, if you have 1 cup izrendanih cucumbers, cover them with 1 cup of alcohol.

Close the lid and leave in a warm sunny place on 12-14 days.

After that, lotion strain and keep it in the fridge.

Use lotion every morning and every night, after cleansing. You can use it during the day to clear the face. Noticeable improvement occurs already after 2-3 weeks of use.

If you are the owner of normal or combination skin of the face, this lotion will be ideal for you, if you dilute with boiled and cooled water (in the finished lotion add the same amount of water, how much is used and alcohol).