Doctors Remain In Wonder: Three Tablespoons Of This Mixture Per Day, A Bomb For Blood Work! (RECIPE)

Do not dispose of the preparation of this natural medicine – will suit you the flavor, as well as an essential positive effect on health


When the blood count is not only important in red blood cells, but also the level of hemoglobin. If hemoglobin is low, there will be a reduced oxygen transfer, but it will eventually cause anemia.

Folk medicine offers a number of different, natural and effective recipes that have achieved an increase in hemoglobin in the blood. In order to achieve this result should concentrate on those recipes that include ingredients rich in vitamins.

Therefore, we present below a recipe for preparing a natural elixir that markedly increases the number of red blood cells and a positive effect on the entire blood count. Do not dispose of the preparation of this natural medicine. You can listen to his taste, as well as an essential positive effect on health.


  • 200 ml honey,
  • 200 g walnuts,
  • 200 g raisins,
  • 200 ml of carrot juice,
  • 200 ml of beetroot juice and
  • 2 lemons.

Preparation :

Wash the lemon, cuts them in half and from each half, remove seeds. Grind them together with the choir, unless lemon sprayed, and then the mass put in a glass jar of a liter. Then add honey, beet juice and carrots and all mix well. Then add ground or chopped nuts and raisins and stir again.

That quantity of ingredients will provide one kilo of delicious and healthy mixture. Prepared elixir keep in a jar in the fridge.

Take one tablespoon of this mixture before each meal, three times a day. Another good thing about this drug is that it has no side effects. You will be full of energy, and after two weeks of use, check your blood count – you will be positively surprised.

Share this recipe with everyone, even with your doctor!