DOCTORS IN SHOCK: This Recipe Completely Restores Liver For 30 Days!

The liver can be reasonably called a laboratory organism, because it has many roles, and some of these roles are the removal of toxins, thereby creating trezervnih matter etc.

The liver is the body that has the power of regeneration. In order to have a healthy liver, which normally carries out its functions, we need to keep healthy, avoid alcohol and maintain his weight normal.

In odsoba not pay attention to nutrition and tend to obesity, leads to accumulation in the liver MSAT.

Therefore, the liver is unable to perform the intended function and you feel bad.

In addition, it can also appear liver cancer and get to her heart.

To recover your liver and prevent a variety of diseases, you can try this effective natural remedy. 2 hand peeled tamarind put in a liter of water and stir well.

Drink every day, and you can sweeten with honey.

Tmarind lowers cholesterol, contains fiber and good acid, detoxifies and improves digestion.

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