Do You Have A Red Stain: Experts Reveal That They Are Dangerous!

Color, shape and number of moles you have to body enough talk about your health.

Of the total number of melanoma about 10 percent resulting from atypical moles, and the existence of more than 10 such moles indicates an increased risk of melanoma.

However, not every spot potential skin cancer, so pay attention to these changes:

Harmless youth are usually small, round shape and uniform color. Most of the stain is on the areas of skin exposed to the sun.What are moles larger, the greater the risk, however, must be inspected more frequently. Position slick talk about health and personality:

The stain on the neck is characteristic of wild nature!

Atypical youth are slightly higher than normal and have dark brown, light brown and red. Their edge is not strictly limited by the rest of the skin. While sharing some features with melanoma, are essentially stable and harmless.

Those youth who suddenly and quickly change their characteristics – color, size, appearance, requiring an urgent appointment with a dermatologist and have surgery to remove.

Red stains – most likely it comes to the so-called. senile or “cherry” angioma – changes in the skin made of varicose veins. Precisely because they are mostly harmless, we perceive them as a cosmetic problem. Are removed if they are larger, the areas of irritation, or simply if aesthetically bother.Methods of removing the mechanical (RADIO method, laser), simple, do not leave a scar.