Do Detoxification Through The Feet: This Will Remove All The Dangerous Toxins From The Body

These pads were first used in Japan. Placed on the heel, at bedtime, and in the morning when you take them off, you will see that all the dangerous toxins are drawn out of your body, it will be dark in color.


These pads can also carry on their feet in order to contribute to better circulation in the rest of the body. Since most people today do not move enough, almost every second person has poor circulation in the legs, joints and feet.

Positive effects of pads:

-You will feel less tired
-You will have joint pain
-You will have less headaches

These pads can make themselves at home in the following way …

The ingredients needed to prepare the pads:

-Onion and garlic
-Sticky gauze

Finely chop the onion and garlic, add the boiling water and let it boil for ten minutes. Thereafter, let the mixture cool (about twenty minutes). When the mixture is sufficiently cooled, put a bow on the draft, but not too urinate gauze. Apply a base in the middle of the foot, put socks and lie down on sleeping.

Upcoming result will surprise you in the morning. Will remove toxins from your body and thus improve your overall health.