Diet And Exercise: What Is Effective?

If you try to lose weight, diet plays a much greater role than exercise.

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Want to lose weight and you’ve probably heard the mantra: “Proper diet and exercise.”

However, the question is which of these two things will contribute to better results of weight loss. / Is it really better to go to the gym and work out four times a week, and not only reduced food or eat salads?

Phillip Stanford, Professor of Exercise Science at the University of Texas and the Executive Director of the Institute for training in Texas, he gave the answer to this question.

 “Numerous studies have shown that children play a more important role in weight loss than exercise,” said Stanford.

Here’s why:
 Exercise takes time and persistent investment of effort and it takes more time to pass in order to see results. It also burns much less calories than most people think.

Stanford is explained in the following way: “You would have to walk at 56 kilometers to burn 3,500 calories. It is quite by walk.Mowever, if you look at food, a candy bar can contain about 500 calories, so it’s much easier to give up than to those chocolate every day walk at eight kilometers. ”

 However, this does not mean that it is enough just to keep healthy and moderately and do not practice it.

The ideal solution for losing weight and keeping new weight proper nutrition and movement or exercise.