Cotton Balls Soaked In Juice – 5 Weirdest Diets For Weight Loss

The desire to have a good figure, to be handsome and in top form, often hinder many temptations – delicious food, lack of time and will to exercise, the stress of everyday life.


But the most persistent always realize the objective, and some do not even choose the appropriate methods.

So probably gave birth to these 5 very strange and bizarre diets, and we are left only to wonder – who in good conscience we practiced them?

Here is how they look …

1. Diet with charcoal

Rule: You can drink fruit juice containing activated charcoal which you insert as a supplement to the regular diet.

Rationale: The human body can not absorb the active carbon, so that it only passes through the digestive system. But along the way, collect all the toxins and removes all pesticides and impurities from the body. Those who practice the diet say that activated charcoal stimulates digestion, improves functioning the organs and appearance of skin.

Reality: The misconception that you are removing toxins from the body, because the activated carbon does not pass through the body, but only through the intestines, where, unfortunately, may be combined with nutrients and destroy. In fact, our body great deals and spewed toxins and if you want to reduce them, avoid processed and chemically treated foods.

2. Diet with baby food

Rule: Allowed eating 16 jars of baby food a day, in addition to a regular small meals.

Rationale: Eating baby food creates a calorie deficit, which means automatic loss kilograms and ridding the body of toxins. In addition, baby food is minimally processed and pretty healthy as a meal.

Reality: The reason this food labeling – a baby! Feel free to ask the people who have normal weight and healthy body that consume baby food. This diet is just ridiculous. Imagine going to a restaurant or the stop and remove the 5 jars of baby slurries.

3. Diet “Blue Vision”

Rule: You can eat everything while wearing glasses with blue tinted glass.

Rationale: The theory says that food discolored automatically affect appetite and makes it less attractive, which means that you eat less, unlike the real color of French fries, meat, mature products that cheat us.

Reality: Maybe it really works. Worth a try, because there is no real health risk.The only downside is that you’ll look pretty funny with your blue glasses to reduce appetite.

4. Diet with ice cubes

Rule: It “eats” one liter of ice cubes in the shape of every day, that it is desirable to slowly melt in your mouth rather than chewing.

Rationale: Melting ice in your mouth burn calories and is a pleasant substitute for a snack. Cube ice cube instead of chocolate. Super idea, right?

Reality: The truth is that you need to drink more liquids for effective weight loss and decreased appetite, but the ice cubes can be made from one liter of water? You have the luxury of sitting at home all day and ice cubes melt in your mouth?

5. Diet with cotton balls or tissue paper

Rules: Eat 5 cotton balls, or the appropriate amount of soft paper, soaked in orange juice, lemonade or troubled over a meal.

Rationale: The stomach is full of “food” and not enter zero calories, which means that not getting fatter.

Reality: This diet is a real craze. You can only imagine what they were doing cotton balls on the stomach and intestines.