Black Lemonade Became A Hit On The Internet: One Ingredient For Healthy Beverage!

Trust us, you’ll want a sip now.

Plastic bottle with black lemonade was last hit that we saw in Instagram when it comes to diet.


Although it looks great in photos and know bloggers are naturally going crazy for these drinks, lemonade best aspect of this is that it is extremely healthy.


I do not believe that something so bad can be a natural and healthy? Actually, you could!

The unusual blue color of lemonade is namely due to the activated carbon made from peat, coconut bark and wood. In addition, the lemonade is the lime juice, lemon, water and syrup sweetener (for better taste).


Thanks to these components, black lemonade is recommended in the process of detoxification, or if you’re trying to lose a few pounds. Also, a combination of carbon and vitamin C is ideal for a hangover.Actually, you could!