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Discover this delicious and very juicy fruit that will successfully to cure many problems that may plague. So, plant Kaki or Japanese apple, edible fruit from the family of Diospyros. A beneficial effect on our health, and matures just in this period. If you have a possibility, we recommend that you try out a khaki apple.

The most common in our species is Diospyros kaki, which comes from China.The color of the fruit kaki apples, depending on the type, and can be yellow, orange or red shades of the color orange to a strong red color of tomatoes.The fruits of kaki apples are similar in size to our domestic apples and the fruits form can be round, oval or pear-shaped. It is known that this fruit contains a lot of tannin, which has a pungent taste, but the flavor is lost as the fruit matures. The fruit kaki apples are generally harvested when immature, but should wait for the maturation is completed later, before eating. The fruits of persimmons contain significant amounts of fiber, more kinds of antioxidants, protein, sugar, some fat, as well as significant amounts of vitamins C, B2, vitamin B9 and the other from the group B, vitamin E, K, beta-carotene and minerals the calcium, potassium, organic bound iron, manganese, copper and phosphorus. As a natural remedy khaki is a very valued plant. Fresh fruit or juice kaki apples take to treat constipation and intestinal inflammation, hemorrhoids, stomach disorders and may help against high blood pressure. Technicalities related to apples: Persimmon (Diospyros kaki L.) belongs to the family Dragoons (Familiae Ebenaceae).Natural is antihelmetik, antimutagenik, suppressant, aperitif, astringent, expectorant, febrifuge, laxative, stomachic, stiptik. Other names for this plant, the Japanese apple, kakijevac and persimmon persimmon. English title of his Chinese Persimmon, Japanese Persimmon, Kaki Persimmon, kaki French, German Kaki-Pflaume, Italian diospiro, khaki. Name of khaki in Manchuria in China means food of the gods. Homeland khaki apple is Asia, and to Manchuria in China and Japan where it spread throughout the world as eastern golden apple. In the 14th century in Europe is khaki brought by famous traveler Marco Polo. One interesting fact regarding khaki apple is this. The seeds are any apples survived the destruction of the atomic bomb in 1945 in Nagasaki in Japan, according to botanists Tatsuo Miyajima. Curative effect khaki apples on our bodies List khaki apples use as a good astringent, which means that leaf plants well tightens the tissue in the body. The fruit of persimmon has a high nutritional value and good natural healing properties and is recommended as an antitussive, astringent, laxative and stomachic.Fresh fruit or persimmon juice take for treating intestinal diseases such as chronic constipation, inflammatory conditions and infections of the intestine.You khaki is a good natural remedy with disturbed digestion and emptying especially while traveling or climate change. Diseases of the stomach also treat with the help of khaki apple. In prehlaÄ‘enog stomach, gastroenteritis, indigestion and stomach indigestion otherwise, will help us khaki apple. Kaki apple is good for the treatment of hemorrhoids, diseases of the liver and gall bladder and for treating diarrhea. Dried ripe persimmon fruit is good healing agent for the treatment of complications with the bronchi and especially for dry cough. In this case we take the powder of dried persimmon. The young shoots of the branches act as an astringent and stiptik, squeeze the juice of fresh persimmon is good in the treatment of high blood pressure, and flower buds are good to cure hiccups. With the persimmon can heal and nerve diseases, and is good for strengthening the immune system .. persimmon can be used as a natural remedy and in this way Peel khaki and leave to stand in the sun and overnight. He will take on the outside white, and such it should be used in therapy for the treatment of various parasites in the gut (antihelmetik), to stop the bleeding (Antihaemorrhagics), for the treatment of cough (antitussive) and for the treatment of high body temperature of the body or hot flushes in the head or body (hot flashes). Kaki has long been used in traditional medicine, but recent research has only confirmed the beneficial effects of plants. In fact, with the help of scientific research, we have learned about his work in experiments on animals as antimutagenik and Metabolik.This means that operates kaki on lipid metabolism, such as cholesterol and triglycerides, and may have anti-tumor activity. Good natural and healthful product of khaki apple is of course the brandy which has a special aromatic taste. However, as the alcohol itself is very harmful to human health, we recommend the consumption of this drug only in strict adherence to the rules of the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Dried persimmon fruits are good and healthy foods in the winter months. Kaki apples have a high nutritional value. Seeds are any apples are a good surrogate for coffee if Fry and grind to a powder. The skin or rind of the fruit kaki apples can be dried and milled to a powder, and as such is used as a natural sweetener. Bud khaki apple is a good astringent and stiptik. The fruit in the mature state in general has medicinal properties such as antitussives, astringent, laxative, stomachic, and fresh fruit to fully mature state is healing well agent for the treatment of hemorrhoids and various bowel disorders as a laxative. If the fruit kaki apples cook, then you get a very effective natural antidiarrhoeals. Dry fruit which blended in a dust suppressant is good. The powder mix with honey or put in tea. The fresh juice or juice from the fruit kaki apples is good healing agent for the treatment of high blood pressure. Kaki Apple has found its application in cosmetics, but here’s an example. Thus, the inner meat khaki apple is good cosmetic skin cleanser face and refresh complexion. This means being prepared in the form of face masks. Salutary content kaki apples Kaki in itself has water around 78.6 g, 77 cal, protein 0.7 g and 0.4 g of fat. In khaki jabucki or fruit plants we find 19.6 g carbohydrates, 6 mg calcium, phosphorus 26 mg, iron 0.3 mg, 6 mg of potassium, sodium 174 mg, 8 mg of magnesium, carotene 2 710 IU, thiamine 0.03 mg, riboflafina, ascorbic acid 11 mg, tannin etc.. As the khaki apple can be used in cooking? Versatile use of khaki apple is characterized by good taste properties which can interfere with other fruits. So we have a situation that is the result of khaki apples usually prepared peeled and mixed with lemon juice or orange with a little sugar or honey. From khaki apples can prepare a variety of creams, cookies, cakes, jams. Also, kaki apples prepare jelly, pudding, ice cream, syrup, fruit salads or mix with yogurt.

It is good and very healthful tea khaki apple Take 1 tablespoon dried crushed leaves kaki apples and drizzle them with 2 decilitre of boiling water. Cover drink and let d stand for half an hour. Then strain the tea and drink it. You can drink two to three cups of tea a day. Kaki apple is good because it balances the energy in traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that khaki regulates energy. It is recommended as an energy-rich food with body weakness. Fresh khaki apple helps in the treatment of constipation, and it’s great against hemorrhoids and stop bleeding. This curative action khaki apples have already mentioned, but it would not hurt to repeat also that cooked khaki helps in the treatment of diarrhea and dysentery. One should not exaggerate the consumption of this fruit because it can cause diarrhea.Kaki is excellent for anemic people Kaki is recommended for anemic people, suffering from an ulcer, with more diseases of the stomach and intestines, cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases such as fatty liver, poor liver function, weak secretion of bile, at reducing fever and hot flashes, etc. The juice from the fruit of persimmon helps in the treatment of scurvy, or lack of vitamin C, and the use of fresh fruits persimmon eradicated endemic goiter in some parts of the former Soviet Union. Also, it is worth mentioning that the list khaki apple has beneficial effects. The leaf of the plant is as good as a very effective astringent. It is important that the fruit khaki apple peel before eating, or while eating an apple khaki careful not to eat the crust. The peeled fruit kaki apples, because the tannin content, with other content in the organs of digestion can lead to the formation of plant stones in the digestive system, which can later be removed surgically in 90% of cases. These disorders can occur in the form of epidemics in areas where khaki naturally thrives. Also, khaki should not be eaten on an empty stomach.