After This, Every Night You Go To Sleep With Onions In Socks

This is a great and easy trick to purify the blood and stimulate the internal organs using onion. All you need to do is to put it in socks during the night.


In Chinese medicine believes that the feet are in direct contact with all the internal organs, through meridian energy. Our parlance, the feet have about 7,000 nerve endings, and these nerves, they are connected to all organs.

Therefore, the ideal thing to stimulate points on the feet, for example, walking without shoes or a massage.

One of the best ways that these neural pathways that lead throughout the body, holes, are not using the port. If you want to cleanse your body and you do not have to do anything (such as saunas or dieting) just cut the onion into thick slices, place them on the soles of the feet and always wear socks over. Of course, no one expects that such walking down the street, but this is done at night. While you sleep, the onion will help purify the body.

It is well known that Onion skin clean, as it kills germs and bacteria, and phosphoric acid (the reason why crying when cutting onions) in the bloodstream can do wonders. If through the nerve endings in the feet into the bloodstream, this acid will purify the bodies and blood, and He’ll kill all the bacteria and germs it encounters.

Recommended to use organic onions, but experts point out that the arc will not only help purify the body, but also the air. Although it has an unpleasant odor in the old England, just onions used to clean the air of germs, how to prevent the spread of infection.