A Cure For Cancer Exists But Not Notified: It Destroys Cancer With 98% Success

According to Dr. Frank Šalenberger, when it comes to cancer treatment, it is always looking for natural substances that interrupt the metabolism of cancer cells.


Some of the social origin discoveries include resveratrol, green tea, Seanol and others.

The recently discovered fruit that effectively kills cancer cells of the pancreas. Fruit is called “bitter melon” and popular in Okinawa, Japan.

When bitter melon juice diluted to a concentration of 5% in water, act on proven deleterious to the cancer cells of the pancreas. According to the researchers, the juice of bitter melon reduced the vitality of the two groups of cancer cells by 90% and destroy the remaining two with a rate of 98%.

These studies have shown excellent in vitro, a function in animals and humans is in the final stages of testing.

Researchers from the University of Colorado are applied doses of bitter melon in mice and found that reducing pancreatic tumors by 64% without any side effects.

Dose was equal to the amount of 6 grams for an average man. Bitter melon can also help diabetics.

The researchers found that bitter melon helps in improving metabolic problems by acting on the glucose metabolism.

So if you have cancer or diabetes, talk to your doctor about treatment inserting bitter melon in the treatment in order to have the greatest possible chance to deal with cancer.