8 Reasons Why You Will Now Always Use Cinnamon

The sweet, woody taste of cinnamon immediately remind you of cakes, but will pleasantly surprise you with its beneficial effects on your body. For this reason, there are eight.

1. Heals  grip and stomach problems


Cinnamon loves to destroy the bacteria that live in your stomach. According to some studies, can be effective even in the struggle with evil bacteria E. coli. To fight against influenza is recommended tea by slowly cooking a Ceylon cinnamon stick in 350 milliliters of water for 15-20 minutes. Allow tea to stand for another 15 minutes and you will see how the color of tea slowly turns from light yellow to dark red with a hint of gold.

2. Neutralises unpleasant odors
Cinnamon has a warm and pleasant scent and often reminds us of leaf fall and winter treats. And that’s not all! It is very effective in killing odors. The reason is that odors are often caused by bacteria, and cinnamon is a natural antibacterial agent. To create a completely natural odor neutralizer that smells absolutely phenomenal, just boil a cinnamon stick in a saucepan of water for 30 minutes. While you wince, the house will smell like warm apple pie.

3. Speeds up metabolism
Cinnamon incredible impact on your metabolism. Reduces the level of sugar in the blood and the formation of gases. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon to your morning coffee, sprinkle it on toast or cereal and mix from early morning you will speed up your metabolism.

4. HEALS gum disease and bad breath
The antibacterial properties of cinnamon will magically affect the health of your mouth. Gum disease and bad breath can heal by simply rinse your mouth with a mixture of two drops of essential oil of cinnamon and spoons coconut oil.

Since lowers blood sugar levels and increases the action of insulin, for patients with type 2 diabetes recommended to consume 1-4 grams or ¼ to 1 teaspoon of cinnamon per day.

6. Repels insects
Even among members of the human species cinnamon is one of the favorite spices, including insects and is not as popular. Prevents infestation of ants by sprinkle cinnamon on the line where they enter. Ants will not cross a barrier made of cinnamon and return to where they came from. You can also prevent moth holes on the clothes so you’ll fill up bags of cinnamon sticks and hang them in the closet.

7. Antidepressants
It makes sense when you think you smell cinnamon currently associated with fall and Christmas cookies, so you are transported into a pleasant ambience. There is also scientific evidence that cinnamon kills bacteria in the stomach that are often associated with depression. Make a cup of hot tea of cinnamon and mood will be immediately corrected.

8. Nail Fungus
Fungus of the toenails are very difficult to treat. Fortunately, cinnamon as a strong antibacterial agent can serve as an effective remedy. Use the oil from the leaves of cinnamon to treat the fungus from the inside, and for nail fungus apply oil of cinnamon leaves directly onto the nail in the morning and evening. You will be surprised how effective this natural treatment!