6 Things To Do At Night To Encourage Weight Loss

Obviously some nights are reserved for exiting or cooking delicious food, drink a glass bar or tasty wine with friends, but nights when you stay home, use them to encourage weight loss.


1. Dinner without salt
If you do not want to have a swollen belly, avoid Chinese food for dinner because it contains a lot of salt.The salt is retained in the body by night, so the morning will be swollen more than usual.

2. Evening training
Instead of sweating in the morning, do it at night. No need specific exercises, it is enough to get moving and be active. People who are active sleep much better at night.

3. Prepare snacks
Average meal in a restaurant or cafe contains twice the number of calories than one who would prepare at home. Therefore we recommend today to prepare tomorrow’s snack or breakfast.

4. Drink water
This is certainly already know, but are afraid that at night constantly getting up for the toilet. To prevent this side effect, drink plenty of water no later than 1 hour before bedtime.

5. Highlight the room
Hormone melatonin helps the body to burn calories, and the body produces more if the room is dark.

6. Turn off the heating
Sleep in a room of 19 degrees burns 7% more calories than sleeping in a heated room. You think you may be of more benefit.