3 Perfect Spring Shake To Refresh And Raise Energy

Do any of the following 3 Sheikh and healthy start the day!


Smoothie Carrot
– Apple
– 2 carrots
– cup of oatmeal
– a cup of yogurt
– cup rice milk
– cup orange juice

In a blender chop oatmeal and add yogurt.
All pour rice milk and orange juice. Slice apples and carrots, and add to blender and mix the until you get a liquid mixture. If necessary, add a little water.

Blueberry Smoothie
– 100 g blueberries
– about 200 ml of yogurt
– teaspoon of honey
– A handful of whole grains

Heat up some water and soak grains a few minutes to soften. Strain so cool. In a blender put the chilled and soft cereal, blueberries and yogurt, but all good mash. Add a teaspoon of honey and stir and serve.

Smoothie apple and beetroot

– 2 apples
– 2 carrots
– beets
– a little water

Peel the apples and remove the seeds.
Cut them into slices. Wash the carrots, then peel them. Cut into small pieces and beets into slices. All the pieces into the blender and mix. Add water as needed while still mix.