August 1, 2016

Maclura: Valuable Aid In The Treatment Of Tumors

Horse apples, Osage orange, monkey ball, Adam’s apple … these are all names for maklura (maclura pomifera), a deciduous tree of the mulberry family originating from North America. On the tree blossoms can be found only one sex (male or female), and for the formation of fruits needed two plants in the immediate vicinity.Search drained
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Peanuts Keeps Health

Consuming only 30 g of food a week could reduce mortality from cardiovascular events for 23-28 percent. GOOD news for fans of peanut: consuming only 30 g of food per week (usually with a balanced menu) could reduce mortality from cardiovascular events for 23-28 percent, and in the case of other diseases for 17-21 percent!
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Fruit That Relieves Anxiety

The healing nature:Passion fruit is a known aphrodisiac in South America. Tea made from dried leaves markise beneficial effect on insomnia and epilepsy, and is recommended as a painkiller. For passion fruit (Passiflora edulis) Americans and British say that the passion fruit. The Latin for “passion fruit” in Colombia golupa, while in Indonesia markisa …
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