10 Reasons Why Broccoli “super-food”


fresh broccoli in a bowl on a rustic table, food close up

Broccoli is unjustly neglected in our tables because this vegetable is right “super-food” and is a great fighter against various diseases, and successfully reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Because it contains large amounts of antioxidant vitamins A, C and E, broccoli slows cell damage caused by the operation of free radicals, which leads to aging and the appearance of various diseases.

The flavonoids found in this foodstuff can help the body fight off illness more easily, scientists say. Regular consumption of vegetables oovg, every third day on average, can strengthen your immune system and alleviate inflammation.

Geneticist Dr. Jack Juvik the University of Illinois said: “Phenolic compounds have good antioxidant activity, and there is growing evidence that this activity affects the biochemical processes that cause inflammation, which continues to give rise to a number of diseases and damage.”

When you eat broccoli , useful compounds that contain these ingredients are absorbed into the body and transported to a certain area of the body or end up concentrated in the liver. In other words, the flavonoids are spread throughout the body through the bloodstream ii reduce inflammation due to its antioxidant activity.

1. Stronger bones
A small serving of broccoli contains more than the required daily intake of vitamin K – which is extremely important to build and preserve bone. It also contains twice the recommended dose of vitamin C which is why a positive effect on bone, but it is scientifically proven that women who consume sufficient amounts of vitamin K significantly reduce the risk of hip fractures and osteoporosis complication accompanied by bone.

2. Strengthens the immune system and protects against cancer
This vegetable is rich in antioxidants that reduce the risk of stomach cancer and lung cancer. It also contains beta carotene and vitamin C, and boosts immunity when we interfere with colds and flu.

Broccoli has a positive effect, particularly in the treatment of breast cancer because it contains sulforaphane, sustancu that kills cancer cells and thus prevents the development of the disease, but also its spread if it occurs.

Women who take a greater amount of folic acid that contains these ingredients are exposed to less risk of developing cervical cancer or lung cancer.

3. Protects the cardiovascular system
Health benefits of broccoli are multiple because it has previously been shown to keep the artery. This vegetable is rich in fiber which is why it is especially recommended for people who have high cholesterol levels. Also, if you regularly eat broccoli, preparing it steamed to preserve its nutritional ingredients, you can greatly reduce the risk of thrombus formation. Also, broccoli, along with other green vegetables, especially recommended for people who suffer from anemia because it contains large amounts of iron.

4. Health Lungs
It is known that broccoli is among the healthiest foods that helps prevent cancer, but it was recently discovered that helps patients with pulmonary disease, also thanks to containing sulforaphane.

The amount of enzyme in the lungs varies from person to person and therefore the amount of sulphorafana but for now just do detailed research to determine which are all good sides in the diet rich in this substance, it is necessary to explore and that would be even more lung disease may be treated in this way. Until then, everyone is recommended to eat broccoli whenever you can.

5. Healthy kidneys, and detoxification
Vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower is a lot of fiber, vitamin C and K, which are needed kidneys to function properly.

This foodstuff rich in antioxidants that clean the body. Also, abundant enzymes that help your digestive tract to work well. Broccoli cheese is the best, because that has the most nutrients.

6. Against Diabetes
Broccoli is a very healthy food. The intense color of this vegetable is the best indicator that it contains antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients, and is useful in the fight against diabetes. Also, broccoli prevents the formation of blood vessel damage that may result from this disease.

7. Eye Health
Broccoli is a rich source of vitamin B2, which helps the eyes to adapt to light changes. A lack this vitamin can lead to a variety of inflammatory processes and diseases of the eye, to blur vision and eye strain. Regular consumption of vegetables can significantly reduce the risk of cataracts, or they reduce its progress.

8. Better memory
How to improve your memory on the menu as often as possible should include kale, spinach, parsley, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, which are rich in vitamin K, whose operation enhances brain function and improves memory because it keeps the cells from oxidation.

9. Easier weight loss
Vegetables with a high percentage of dietary fiber, such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, spinach, peas, corn, lentils and kale will further help you lose weight because you include in the daily menu.

10. Broccoli in the service of beauty
Broccoli is rich in beta-carotene, which maintains healthy skin and improves complexion. Unlike other types of foods, composed of broccoli is alpha-lipoic acid, which prevents hardening of collagen in the body, causing the appearance of cellulite. Include three or four servings of broccoli (steamed) into your weekly menu.