10 Reasons That Every Day You Drink Water With Lemon!

If you are tired of drinking plain water, but at the same time would like to improve physical and mental health, start every day to drink water with lemon.

Clean skin

Water itself encourages the elimination of toxins from the body. If you add the lemon that is rich in vitamin C, you will get a potion that prevents the formation of pimples, acne and premature emergence of signs of aging.

It regulates the pH value

Although you may think that lemon has a sour property, one should know that it belongs to the group of foods with alkaline action. Increasing your intake of foods with alkaline operation reduces the risk of developing a number of diseases and cause difficulty to different pathogens survive in your body.

Strengthens the immune system

Potassium from lemon to regulate the level of blood pressure, stimulate the brain and nervous system, and vitamin C will reduce the risk of flu and colds. For faster recovery from colds and flu to drink hot water with lemon and some honey.

It encourages weight loss

Water with lemon speeds up the metabolism, prevents cravings for sweets and snacks, encourages the elimination of excess water from the body and participates in the regulation of appetite.

refreshes breath

Spicy food, smoking and coffee can dry out the mouth and cause bad breath. Here you can help water with lemon, which will also regulate the pH value of the oral cavity.

It stimulates the brain and nervous system

Due to the high proportion of potassium, and lemon water can reduce the risk of depression, anxiety, improve memory and concentration, and vitamin C to regulate the level of stress hormones.

It relieves symptoms of respiratory diseases

Water with Lemon has excellent antibacterial properties, reduces the risk of infections and relieves the symptoms of pre-existing. Studies have shown that it is great for alleviating the symptoms of allergies.

Encourages the work of the digestive system

If you often feel indigestion, bloating, gas or constipation, start every day to drink water with lemon. Encourage the work of the digestive system, and the first results will notice after a few days.

Reduces inflammation

Studies have shown that untreated chronic inflammation increases the risk of heart disease. Chronic inflammation in the body causes a number of undesirable symptoms, headaches, pains and muscle tension. Water with lemon has a powerful anti-inflammatory action.

Increases energy levels

Coffee dehydrates the body, causing fatigue may become even more intense. Coffee you can safely replace water with lemon because it will remove the fatigue, improve your mood, improve memory and concentration, and increase energy levels.